We are excited for you to begin experiencing the benefits of CBD. We stand by our products, so if you need assistance choosing a product, we will help you find the right one for you – guaranteed.

Contact us with any questions, we will be happy to work with you to find the best products for you. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality CBD and hemp-based products in the industry.

Let us help you find relief from pain, inflammation, skin irritation, gastrointestinal issues, menstrual cramps, insomnia and many other issues by using CBD products.


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safe and effective

CBD products are trusted by holistic and medical professionals everywhere. The products we sell have been made with the purist and highest quality ingredients, as well as being tested by a third party lab to guarantee your relief and safety.



All CBD oil, hemp flowers and other CBD products sold here are organically grown and sourced from U.S approved industrial hemp farms in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Kentucky. Every product is third-party tested and certified to be free of any contaminants.


quality tested

At Relief Buddies we care about your health, relief and most of all your overall well-being. All products sold are third-party tested to ensure the highest degree of purity and potency.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) – Is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that has been reviewed by medical studies to provide relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms and many other conditions. It has even been reviewed by the National Cancer Institute to “activate specific receptors throughout the body to produce pharmacologic effects, particularly in the nervous system and the immune system.” The National Cancer Institute also says that “cannabinoids may have benefits in the treatment of cancer-related side effects.”

CBD rich cannabis is non-psychoactive due to its low THC levels and is often sourced from industrial hemp farms. This is highly beneficial for those looking for relief without the feelings of dysphoria, lethargy and only minor side effects such as possible dry mouth or drowsiness when taken in large doses.

CBD rich cannabis is legal for use in all 50 US States as long as it contains less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC on a dry weight basis. Relief Buddies remains compliant by selling only CBD rich products containing less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC on a dry weight basis. All products come with lab tested results available according to our quality and safety guarantee.