These are homemade gluten free and dairy free CBD Brownies. They contain No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives. We use Cannabutter made from our CBD Hemp Flower to make these brownies terpene and cannabinoid rich. Experience full body relief with these potent CBD edibles.

Buy a whole batch for multiple day use, freeze to save for later or to share with your friends and family. Each batch will have 20 brownies with each brownie containing 70mg of CBD with a batch total of 1,400mg of CBD. So buy a batch for you and the fam or the homies or save them all for yourself by freezing them to retain freshness and potency for multiple weeks.

They do contain eggs so those who have egg allergies should avoid this product.

Please note that the total THC percent will be higher in these due to the decarb process so beginner users may want to stay home or eat only one at a time to know your tolerance. These are still within the Delta-9 THC limits of the law on a dry weight basis and are legal for sale in all 50 US States. Our hemp used in these is Organically grown in Oregon on American soil. We only sell and use US Organically Grown Hemp.

From the first bite to the last you’re going to love these CBD Brownies.