This is my story, what brought me to being committed to offering the highest quality CBD and hemp-based products to everyone, everywhere… For many years I have suffered from anxiety. It hindered my ability to do day-to-day activities. I was challenged socially by overthinking conversations and my interactions with others. I struggled at work because the stressfulness of work simply added to the constant worrying I was already experiencing in my brain. I pretty much lived life with a hamster wheel incessantly running in my head, “What if this… or what if that… or what if I get fired because I worded something wrong, or… or… or… COMPLETE monkey mind.

Then one day a friend recommended CBD products to help alleviate my anxiety. I was hesitant at first, so I did an enormous amount of research from reputable and credible scientific and medical resources. Then I tried some CBD oil, and found relief from almost instantly. It even gave me relief from my ADHD, which was completely unexpected. Finally, in that moment of relief, I could prioritize my thoughts and focus my mind and activities.

After a couple months of taking CBD I realized my skin was healthier and my acne had begun to clear up. If I wasn’t a believer of the amazing benefits of taking CBD and how many benefits there was, I was now. Later I learned of other forms of taking CBD such as capsules, flowers/buds, gummies and creams. I’ll never forget the first time I had the CBD Hemp flowers, I didn’t feel high but completely relaxed and what can be best described as at peace. One night I was laying in bed after a very stressful and high anxiety day. I was very tense and restless. I decided to try the CBD hemp flowers I had just received in the mail. After only a couple of doses I felt completely relaxed.

Having gone from almost having an anxiety attack to complete relaxation in a matter of just a few seconds was amazing. I looked at my wife who was there with me at the time and said “I haven’t been able to find anything to help me relax like this just did.” At that moment I knew I wanted to help people find relief through this and thats where the inspiration of Relief Buddies originated from. Since then I have had people share stories of finding relief from pain, inflammation, acne and skin health, gastrointestinal issues, menstrual cramps, and trouble sleeping by using CBD products.